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Introduction to Survey Design

How to develop a high-quality survey

Evaluating Impact with Surveys

How to generate meaningful impact evaluation insights

Evaluating Long-term Impact with Surveys

How to evaluate lasting impact

Designing Surveys for Children

How to develop child-friendly impact questions

Survey Design with Benchmarking

How to enable accurate benchmarking

Designing Teacher Feedback Surveys

How to get useful insights from teachers

Designing Student Surveys

How to get meaningful responses from students

Introduction to Evaluation Design

How to evaluate what is working and why

Developing a Theory of Change

How to map out your pathway to impact

Stakeholder Analysis for Research Impact

How to analyze who is relevant to engage

Developing an Evaluation Plan

How to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan

Developing an Evaluation Framework

How to establish a systematic framework for evaluation

Using ChatGPT for Communications

How to enhance your content creation process

Using ChatGPT for Survey Design

How to fast track your survey design process

Using ChatGPT for Data Analysis

How to enhance your research outcomes

Using ChatGPT for Funding Applications

How to improve the quality and impact of your proposals

Upcoming workshops

9:00 (U.K. Time) - Using ChatGPT for Funding Applications | Workshop

May 29, 2024 (09:00)

How to improve the quality and impact of your proposals This workshop is designed to help individuals and organizations leverage the power of ChatGPT, an advanced language model, to boost your efficiency and effectiveness in creating funding applications. Whether you are applying for grants, seeking investments, or soliciting donations, this workshop will provide you with valuable insights and practical techniques to improve the quality and impact of your proposals. Through interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, participants will learn how to effectively use ChatGPT to craft compelling narratives, address funder requirements, and increase the chances of securing funding for their projects. This workshop is led by Dr. Eric Jensen, Lali van Zuydam and Dr. Aaron Jensen. Read more about our trainers here.

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9:00 (U.K. Time) - Using ChatGPT for Data Analysis | Workshop

September 03, 2024 (09:00)

How to enhance your research outcomes If you are not yet using AI tools such as ChatGPT, you are missing out on a major opportunity to save time and boost quality at the same time. ChatGPT cannot do everything, but it can drastically reduce the time required to deliver a good quality analysis and report based on your survey data. Join workshop lead, Professor Eric A. Jensen and explore how you can effortlessly analyze and write up descriptive statistics and qualitative survey responses using this AI-driven tool. Strategic use of ChatGPT can give you the results you need, while requiring minimal editing when your research and survey design are carefully structured. This workshop will equip you with the tools to leverage the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT to enhance your research outcomes. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your research methodology. Enroll now and unleash the unparalleled potential of ChatGPT in your survey-based evaluation and social research endeavors! This workshop is led by Dr. Eric Jensen and Dr. Aaron Jensen. Read more about our trainers here.

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15:00 (U.K. Time) - Using ChatGPT for Communications | Workshop

October 16, 2024 (15:00)

How to enhance your content creation process Join us for an immersive workshop series that explores the transformative potential of ChatGPT in enhancing communication strategies and content creation. Whether you’re a science communicator, marketer, content creator, or social media enthusiast, this workshop is designed to equip you with the skills to leverage ChatGPT for creating captivating narratives for videos, engaging social media content, and impactful communication materials such as posters and infographics. Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your content creation process and elevate your communication efforts to new heights. This workshop is led by Daniela Martin and Lali van Zuydam. Read more about our trainers here.

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09:00 (U.K. Time) - Introduction to Survey Design | Workshop

November 14, 2024 (09:00 a.m.)

Design high quality surveys to get accurate and inclusive results Ever wonder how to make a survey stand out and get accurate results? This hands-on training provides practical guidance on how to develop surveys in line with well-established best practices. You will learn the fundamentals of survey design and gain practical skills to design surveys that yield accurate data and generate valuable insights. This training covers essential topics such as formulating clear and unbiased survey questions, selecting appropriate response formats, and structuring surveys for maximum impact. Through interactive training, you will learn the principles of survey design and how to optimize the quality and reliability of your survey data. This workshop is led by Dr. Eric Jensen. Read more about our trainers here.

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9:00 (U.K. Time) - Evaluating Impact with Surveys | Workshop

January 16, 2025 (09:00)

How to generate meaningful impact evaluation insights In this live online workshop, we will explore the intricacies of impact evaluation and how surveys play a crucial role in capturing relevant data. Whether you’re involved in social impact initiatives, non-profit organizations, or research endeavors, this workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge to design surveys that generate meaningful impact evaluation insights. Through practical examples and hands-on activities, you will learn how to develop high-quality survey questions for impact evaluation. We will delve into the importance of survey design elements such as sampling techniques, measurement scales, and data validation methods to ensure robust and reliable impact measurement results. This workshop allows you to refine your survey questions in a supportive environment, receiving expert feedback. Additionally, it offers a platform for engaging with other professionals who are also involved in the development of impact evaluation surveys. This workshop is led by Dr. Eric Jensen. Read more about our trainers here.

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Structure and Approach

Join our Zoom-based workshops which serve a dual purpose:

  1. Develop new know-how and skills around the topic
  2. Practical work done on a real planned activity or evaluation, with expert support and feedback

For this reason, there is a back-and-forth rhythm between presentations, breakout discussions and plenary discussions. Throughout, our experts provide feedback and practical recommendations.

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Feedback from workshop participants

This was an excellent workshop touching all points I expected and more. I would need a bit more time to digest and try out the techniques myself, but this is to be expected in a compact, intensive course
'Using ChatGPT for Funding Applications' workshop
Now I have a better understanding of different ways ChatGPT can be used in the context of funding opportunities and applications.
'Using ChatGPT for Funding Applications' workshop
I thought the 'Using ChatGPT for Communications' workshop was brilliant - thank you, Daniela and Lali. I work in an University Communications department and all the content was applicable to my role. I loved it and recommended your workshop to my colleagues.
Gillian Green
Senior Communications Professional
The 'Using ChatGPT for Communications' is a great workshop. I was generally hesitant to use AI tools, but this workshop helped me realise that AI can be a useful tool in my professional life.
Communications Officer | University of Cape Town
The 'Using ChatGPT for Communications' workshop allowed me to gain new knowledge and ideas that I can apply to my work straight away.
Charlie Mills
Communications Manager | Matter of Focus
I liked the fact that there was a breakout group session for each section, where the participants reflected on questions and afterwards presented and ask questions to the facilitator.
Christian Todota
Expert in Science Policy Interface in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
The breakout rooms and opportunities to ask questions and gather feedback from the facilitators was invaluable.
Customer Insights Analyst | Scitech
I really liked being able to ask questions to professionals during the workshop. It was more organic and engaging.
Civic Science Fellow | Sigma Xi
I found the time spent in the group sessions with other participants to be the most useful because it allowed me to hear concrete examples from people in similar situations.
Program Manager | NCBiotech
Eric and Aaron have a wealth of experience and offered great insight. They are brilliant!
Public Engagement Development Manager | STFC
The conversations with others and the discussion near the end were really helpful - it helped to see what others are doing, how, and why.
Staff Scientist | Science North & Dynamic Earth