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Evaluating Long-term Impact with Surveys | Workshop


When you register for this training workshop, you will receive the following:

  • Live 3-hour long workshop
  • Useful resources you can borrow and adapt for your work

We strongly recommend our accompanying self-paced course on Introduction to Survey Design as part of this workshop.

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How to evaluate lasting impact

Impact is the difference that people and organizations make in the world, and long-term impact is the impact that can stand the test of time. Accurately capturing long-term impact through surveys is a specialized craft that requires training. This workshop will equip you with tried and tested methods of gathering robust long-term impact evidence. You’ll learn how to create surveys that will help you gather strong and reliable data.

In this workshop, you’ll be able to refine your survey questions in a supportive environment and receive expert feedback. Additionally, it offers a platform for engaging with other professionals who are also involved in the development of long-term impact evaluation surveys.

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