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Additional Resources

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For excellent advice on developing research impact in general, including the role of evidence, we recommend this book:

A set of other readings related to the rationale for evaluation and evaluation design can be found at the links below:

In this podcast  Dr. Jensen and Prof. Gerber deliver an ‘audiobook’ version of their article on evidence-based science communication, describing an approach to public engagement that is rooted in effective evaluation:

further discussion about the implications of an ‘evidence-based’ approach to public engagement can be found at this website: sciencecomm.science. This website about evidence-based science communication helps articulate the rationale for why evaluation matters.

If you would like to hear Dr. Jensen’s thoughts on public engagement itself prior to moving on with the course content on public engagement evaluation, you can listen to the following optional presentation. There is a short introduction in Spanish and the rest of the presentation is in English.

If you want to learn more about developing effective evaluation, watch this video in which Roger Martin, former dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, discusses the need of going outside an organization’s comfort zone and escaping the common traps of strategic planning.