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1.5.B Designing a Good Survey Part 2

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Designing a Good Survey: Part 2

Key Focus:

  • Methodological Quality of SFI Barometer Questions
  • Types of Survey Questions to Use in Evaluations
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Developing Demographic and Output Items

PART 3: Video Lecture

Using SFI Barometer Survey Questions in Your EPE Evaluation,  by Dr. Eric Jensen

To continue the discussion on best practices for social science survey designs, Dr. Eric Jensen discusses the survey questions used for the SFI Science in Ireland Barometer project in 2020. He will review the project goals as well as the theoretical and methodological evaluation of survey items.


PART 4: Let’s Practice

Develop Your Demographic Items

It is important to understand the profile of your participants. You can do this by using established survey questions that reveal the characteristics of your respondents in areas such as education, ethnicity and gender. Here, you will find an example of demographic questions adapted from the 2015 Irish Census that are used for the SFI Science in Ireland Barometer survey (designed by Qualia Analytics).

To help getting started, you can use this example  Demographic Items Template (SFI Barometer 2020) .

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Develop Your Outcome Items

You can start with a public engagement activity relevant to your interests, and begin to consider how you might evaluate a key outcome or two using closed-ended survey items. Prepare at least three outcome measures based on closed-ended survey items.

If you need help getting started developing your own questions, you can use this Outcome Items Practice Sheet .

You can use this example Outcome Items Template (SFI Barometer 2020) .

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