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1.2 Outline of Learning Activities

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Reading for Topic

Topic: Why (not) use questionnaires for evaluation?

Topic: Designing a Good Survey: Part 1

Topic: Designing a Good Survey: Part 2

  • Watch Using SFI Barometer Survey Questions in Your EPE Evaluation, by Dr. Eric Jensen
  • Let’s Practice! Develop Your Demographic Items
  • Let’s Practice! Develop Your Outcome Items
  • Topic Quiz: Designing a Good Survey Parts 1 & 2

Topic: Design of Open-Ended Survey Questions

Topic: Reflective Practice and Prioritizing Evaluation

Additional Resources: Optional Videos

  • Lecture Video: Different Types of Closed-Ended Survey Questions by Dr. Eric Jensen
  • Lecture Video: Informed Consent by Dr. Eric Jensen
  • Podcast: Perils of Proxy Reporting by Dr. Eric Jensen

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  • Read Module 1 Summary to look at a review of what you have been learning before finishing the course.

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