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0.4 Workshop Group

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Optional Workshop Group

When you attend the live workshop you will have an opportunity to meet and interact with peer colleagues who are interested in the same topic.  A LearnDash group has been set up in this course for the workshop attendees to stay in touch and further their discussions if desired. The group area is a mini LearnDash course where your group can initiate discussions, create announcements, share files, and collaborate. You are welcome to use this space in whatever way best meets your learning and/or professional needs.

Some participants use discussions in the group area to discuss the lectures, readings and activities, and others share their thoughts and experiences or ask questions and solicit feedback on current or future projects. The group’s area is not monitored by the facilitator – it is a peer colleague only space.  Participants who are not interested in engaging further with the workshop group are not obligated to do so.

How To…

How to view LearnDash groups – See the LearnDash guide, How Do I View LearnDash Groups?

Optional Discussion Prompt Ideas

  1. What stood out to you in the workshop that you might like to explore further? 
  2. What stood out to you in the online course lectures, readings and/or activities?
  3. Are there any concepts in the course that are or have been especially challenging (in theory or practice) that you would like to hear other’s thoughts about?
  4. Have you been applying the concepts in the course in your work? If so, how is that going?
  5. Are you interested in continuing to engage with others in the workshop in support of your survey efforts? In what way?
  6. Other – Anything else that you would like to talk with your peer colleagues about.