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0.3 Enhance Learning

Making Learning Meaningful

For a more detailed understanding of the content covered in readings and video lectures that we provide, we suggest that you take notes and synthesise the main ideas in your own words.

Try one or more of the following methods of note-taking:

  • expand the conceptual map initially created or create a new one

  • create reading records (using Google docs, for example)

  • take notes directly in the margins in your texts/pdf files (you can use a Free PDF Reader, like pdf.notes)

Using one or more of these strategies will help deepen your understanding of the material that you are reading, refine your public engagement evaluation skills and will prepare you to correctly answer all questions on the quiz for each module, which you should take after you complete the module activities.

Taking the time to synthesise the main ideas for each lecture activity that we present (Video Lecture and/or Reading) will help you maximize the learning experience.

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