Introduction to Qualitative Evaluation

Qualitative evaluation offers unique opportunities to gain direct, detailed insight into people’s thinking, behaviour and relationships. This hands-on training course provides practical guidance to help you select the particular methods of data collection that would work best for addressing your evaluation question.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and their worldviews

Welcome to the Introduction to Qualitative Evaluation online course. This course includes lectures, readings and other resources to support your evaluation design efforts. This online course is entirely self-paced so that it is available when it is most convenient and timely during your evaluation process.

What topics are included in the online qualitative evaluation course?

This course addresses the following:

  • Benefits of using qualitative methods in your evaluation
  • Developing good interview and focus groups questions
  • Effectively managing qualitative data collection
  • Applying principles of sampling in qualitative evaluation
  • Recording qualitative data
  • Accounting for context in your analysis
  • Identifying and evidencing patterns in your data
  • Developing robust knowledge claims based on qualitative evaluation evidence
  • Using qualitative data analysis software
  • Ensuring the quality of your qualitative data analysis

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Course Includes

  • 18 Lessons
  • 30 Topics
  • 8 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate