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1.10 Summary

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This module addressed the basic principles of survey design to help you create good survey questions to evaluate public engagement outcomes and develop the capability to identify problematic survey questions relating to public engagement evaluation. The goal was to gain an introductory understanding of how to use questionnaires to evaluate public engagement impact and how you can quantify open-ended questionnaire data in a systematic way.

As you have now reached the end of this course, I would like to highlight the next steps that you can take to continue developing your evaluation capacity:

Step 1 – Keep reading! There are a lot of specific steps involved in conducted good evaluations, and you can find further guidance in the book Doing Real Research: A Practical Guide to Social Research, as well as other suggested additional readings highlighted in this course.

Step 2 – Stay in touch! Find a professional community that has shared interests in evaluation and evidence-based practice. For example, in the USA, you could consider joining the .

Thank you for making this course part of your evaluation journey!